About us

The Foundation was established in January 2014. The reason why FZJN was brought to life is the availability of medical care which is constantly deteriorating, including physiotherapy. In many cases, early medical intervention or rehabilitation is necessary for a fast recovery and limitation of complications. The aim of our efforts is to make as many people as possible available to medical services and rehabilitation. Statutory objectives of the Foundation:

  1. The protection and promotion of health by:
    a) promotion of healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition, positive thinking,
    b) developing and strengthening attitudes aimed at spending time actively
    c) assisting in recovery from injuries, assisting to people with disabilities and chronically ill,
    d) social rehabilitation after injuries, with particular emphasis on people with disabilities, and chronically ill.
  2. Scientific activities aimed at broadening knowledge of health and physiotherapy.
  3. Educational and social activities aimed at broadening knowledge of health

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